When gods and page admins meet

Once upon the time, in a forum, far, far away,  a random moderator was watching the Avengers. And I mean the original because it was a time when superheroes had strange mustaches and Iron Man was an… I don’t really know what he was, but he was awesome! The moderator was watching Thor defeating enemies with his mighty  hammer Mjölnir. In that moment, the moderator was thinking that he also would like to wield the power of gods and defeat all those toxic users from his forum. And the gods heard him. Or at least some programmer who was paid to make new stuff like that, so they invented the ban option. I cannot really confirm this is the way it happened, but it probably has. Now, the moderator had the power of gods in his hands, he was just one click away to destroy his enemies. But did he ban every last of them?


                                                          ”With great powers comes great responsibility” Uncle Ben, Spiderman (source)

No, the forum moderator was merciful, because if he banned everyone, he wouldn’t have any use from the forum. Imagine the internet as Earth, the visitors of the internet are the ordinary people, the admins are the gods, and the programmers are the angles who do their will. Without the ordinary people, the Earth isn’t such an interesting place, and they make the internet more pretty with their ideas, articles and blogs. The admins have to decide what type of  content they want on their sphere of influence. The trick is to ban only the ones who don’t obey the order and the rules of the page, like Adam and Eve. If they follow some basic rules of normal human behavior you shouldn’t ban people just because they don’t agree with your opinion. You aren’t made so everybody likes you, you aren’t perfect (time for a shocker, not even I am perfect), you are here to leave a mark on somebodies life. It depends as much of them as it depends of you if they will like that mark. If somebody says a negative comment on you or your product, you don’t have to ban them the instant second. Facebook has a really great option, the hide option. If you hide somebodies comments, he and his friends still see the comment, but all the other people don’t. If you don’t like the comment and you have a feeling it will hurt you page, use it on those people, because there’s a high risk they have a printscreen. I will write about dangers of printscreens in one of my future articles. Printscreens are a dangerous thing, and a ban can make a person mad, if he can see that his comment is still on your page and nobody reacted to it, there is a chance he will just give up. Block only if he’s aggressive or extra toxic, because in that case, most of internet users will agree with you.Remember, you have the power of internet gods in your hands. Use it wise!

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